List Of Rides & Attractions At Canada's Wonderland

List Of Former Planet Snoopy Rides

1. Franklin's Forest Adventure (Formerly "Boo Blasters On Boo Hill")

2. Nick-O-Round (Formerly "Character Carousel")

3. Flying Dutchman's Express (Formerly "Peanuts Ghoster Coaster")

4. Jimmy Neutron's Atom Smashers (Formerly "Joe Cool's Dodgem School")

5. Avatar Air Glider (Formerly "Lucy's Tugboat")

6. Go! Diego! Go! (Formerly "Peanuts 500")

7. Boots' Balloon Race (Formerly "The Pumpkin Patch")

8. Dora's Dune Buggies (Formerly "Sally's Love Buggies")

9. Bkue's Skidoo (Formerly "Snoopy VS Red Baron")

10. Team Umizoomi's Number Tumbler (Formerly "Snoopy's Revolution")

11. Timmy's Space Wish (Formerly "Snoopy's Space Race")

12. Nickelodeon's Boat Tours (Formerly "Swan Lake")

13. Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher (Fomerly "Woodstock Whirlybirds")

List Of Former KidZville Rides

1. Plankton's Plunge (Formerly "Blast Off")

2. Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Journey (Formerly "Chopper Chase")

3. Fairly World Spin (Formerly "Flavourator")

4. Danny Phantom's Phantom Flyers (Formerly "Frequent Flyers")

5. Nickelodeon's Jeep Tours (Formerly "Jokey's Jalopies")

6. Timmy's Air Tours (Formerly "Jumpin' Jet")

7. La Aventura De Azul (Formerly "KidZville Station)

8. Rugrats Runaway Reptar (Formerly "Silver Streak")

9. The Backyardigans Swing-Along (Formerly "Swing Time")

10. Gil & Molly's Haunted House Adventure (Formerly "Taxi Jam")

List Of Former International Festival Rides

1. Ghost Chasers (Formerly "The Fly")

2. SpongeBob VS. The BIG One (Formerly "Klockwerks")

3. Chuckie's Huanted Waver (Formerly "Shockwave")

4. The Great Patty Caper (Formerly "Thunder Run")

5. The PAW Patrol Express (Formerly "Vortex")

6. The Backyardigans Bumper To Bumper (Formerly "Krahenwagen")

List Of Former Action Zone Rides

1. Val's Ice Cream Carousel (Formerly "Antique Carousel")

2. SpongeBob's City Mayhem (Formerly "Black Stunt Coaster")

3. Plankton's Scary Airport (Formerly "Behemoth")

4. Squidward's Screaming Coaster (Formerly "Flight Deck")

5. The Great Snail Race (Formerly "Mighty Canadian Minebuster")

6. BOB's Gooey Swirls (Formerly "Orbiter")

7. Flying Dutchman's Revenge (Formerly "Psyclone")

8. Teenage Ninja Turtles Shell Shock (Formerly "Sky Rider")

9. The Penguins Crazy Spinner (Formerly "Sledge Hammer")

10. Swiper's Sweeper (Formerly "Swing Of The Century")

11. Fairly Odd Coaster (Formerly "Time Warp")

12. Peppa Pig's Windy Castle (Formerly "Windseeker")

13. Nickelodeon's Sky Zone (Formerly "Xtreme Skyflyer")

List Of Former Medieval Faire Rides

1. Fanboy & ChumChum's Flyers (Formerly "The Bat")

2. Robot & Monster's Ghoster Coaster (Formerly "Dragon Fire")

3. Patrick's Dangerous Cliff Fall (Formerly "Drop Tower Scream Zone")

4. Vicky's Huanted Mansion (Formerly "Leviathan")

5. Jimmy Neutron's Alein Attack (Formerly "Nightmares")

6. The Wreck Of The Mauna Loa (Formerly "The Rage")

7. SpongeBob's Fry Cook Lowers (Formerly "Riptide")

8. Kung Fu Panda: The Karate Run (Formerly "Speed City Raceway")

9. Boots' Special Day (Formerly "Wild Beast")

List Of Former White Water Canyon Rides

1. Action Theater's Former Attraction "Monsters Of The Deep 3-D"

2. Nickelodeon's Trampoline (Formerly "Launch Pad")

3. The NickToons Cruise (Formerly "Timberwolf Falls")

4. The Nickelodeon Lake (Formerly "White Water Canyon")

List Of Shows

Nickelodeon LIVE! (Located At The Wonderland Theater)

Dora's Sing-Along Adventure (Located At The Nickelodeon Theater)

Sea Monsters 3-D A Prehistoric Adventure (Located At The Action Theater)

List Of Former Splash Works Rides

1. Plankton's Final Flush (Formerly "Barracuda Blaster")

2. Patrick & The Darkness (Formerly "The Black Hole")

3. Squidward's Tikiland (Formerly "Lazy River")

4. Dora's BIG River Adventure (Formerly "The Plunge")

5. Cosmo & Wanda's Jungle Gym (Formerly "The Pump House")

6. Nickelodeon's Sliders (Formerly "Riptide Racer")

7. Boots' Squeaky Chase (Formerly "Super Soaker")

8. Rugrats Splash Time (Formerly "Whirlwinds")

9. The Nickelodeon Wave (Formerly "White Water Bay")

List Of NEW Rides

Angelica's Shrinking Adventure (Located In NickLand)

Muno's Adventure (Located In NickLand)