As one of the top parks in Cedar Fair holdings Kings island is host to the longest and most wooden coasters in the world(5 total woodies)!

First opening day: April 29th, 1972

Events: Coasterstock, Halloween Haunt, Winterfest, Free Admission days for specific people, and some other events

Location: Kings Mills, Ohio

Size: 364 acres

Number of Roller Coasters: 16

Tallest Coaster: Diamondback (230 ft)

Tallest Point: Diamondback (230 ft)

Longest Coaster: The Beast (7000+ ft)

Fastest Coaster: Diamondback (80 MPH)

Most Inversions: Banshee (7 inversions)

Coaster List:

  1. Banshee (Worlds Longest Invert, 68 MPH, 4000+ ft in length, opened 2014, B&M Invert, and replaced Son Of Beast and Thunder Alley)

2. Diamondback (80 MPH, 5000 ft length, B&M Hyper, and opened in 2009)

3. The Bat (Once called Top Gun and Fight Deck, Arrow Suspended, opened in 1992, 50+ MPH, and 2000+ ft length)