Cedar point map

Map of Cedar Point

As the main park of the Cedar Fair Group,

Cedar Point sure stands out of its other partner parks. To start off with, it holds 17 amazing, world-class roller coasters, all toping most of the roller coaster records. But this park also holds other great thrill rides and gentle rides for the kind-at-heart. This park is also a resort, with a campground, 3 hotels, a beach, challenger park, and water park. With all of this excitment, Cedar Point sure is the #1 park in America!

Roller Coasters Edit

Blue Streak: 78 feet tall Wooden Coaster

Cedar Creek Mine Ride: 48 feet tall Mine Train Coaster

Corkscrew: 85 feet tall Corkscrew Coaster

GateKeeper: 170 feet tall Wing Coaster

Gemini: 125 feet tall Racing Wooden Coaster

Iron Dragon: 76 feet tall Suspended Coaster

Jr. Gemini: 19 feet tall Junior Coaster

Magnum XL-200: 205 feet tall Mega Coaster

Mantis: 145 foot tall Stand-Up Coaster

Maverick: 105 foot tall steel chain/launch coaster

Millenium Force: 310 foot tall Giga Coaster (Only 2 Giga coasters in the world)

Raptor: 137 foot tall Inverted Coaster

Steel Vengeance: 205 foot tall Hybrid Coaster

Top Thrill Dragster: 420 foot tall Accelerator Coaster (2nd tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world)

Valravn: 223 foot tall Dive Coaster (Tallest, fastest, and longest in the world)

Wicked Twister: 215 foot tall Twister Impulse Coaster

Wildcat: 50 foot tall Wildcat Coaster (Only 3 left in the world)

Woodstock Express:42 foot tall Junior Coaster

Thrill Rides Edit


Demon Drop



Ocean Motion

Power Tower



Witchs' Wheel

Children's Rides Edit

Flying Ace Balloon Race

Kite Eating Tree

Peanuts Road Rally

Snoppy's Deep Sea Divers

Snoopy's Express Railroad

Woodstock Whirlybirds

Ballon Race

Camp Bus

Lolli Swing

Peanuts 500

Red Baron


Bumper Boats

Frog Hopper

Rock Spin & Turn

Space Age


Dune Buggies


Krazy Kars



Old Timers

Police Cars

Roto Whip

Sir Rub-A-Dub's

Sky Fighters

Family Rides Edit

Antique Cars

Cadillac Cars

Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad

Giant Wheel

Paddle Boat Excursions

Sky Ride

Space Spiral

Turnpike Cars

Spinning Rides Edit





Super Himalaya

Wave Swinger

Carousels Edit

Cedar Downs Racing Derby

Kiddy Kingdom Carousel

Midway Carousel

Water Rides Edit

Snake River Falls

Thunder Canyon